Celebrate Imlek by Enjoying the Typical Chinese Cake: Nian Gao

nian giao
Photo: whattocooktoday.com

Imlek is a special day that is highly awaited by people of Chinese descent who should be celebrated. Imlek tradition is identical with the distribution of angpao (money) to all family members or close relatives who are not married. In addition, there is also a lion dance as the main entertainer in the celebration of this special day.

However, in addition to these traditions, Chinese New Year celebration is also identic with snacks served to be enjoyed with the family. Like Idul Fitri celebrations are usually celebrated by presenting Opor Ayam and Ketupat, the celebration of Chinese New Year is also commonly celebrated by serving typical foods such as Nian Gao or in Indonesia better known as the basket of cakes.

Nian Gao is a cake made of sticky rice and sugar. This cake has a chewy and sticky texture. Naon Gio becomes a special cake made once a year, just during the Chinese New Year celebration. In China there is a custom during the Chinese New Year to first eat a basket cake before eating rice as an expectation to always be fortunate in his work throughout the year. In ancient times the number or height of the basket cake marked the prosperity of the householder family.

Cakes made from glutinous rice and sugar can be stored for long, even with drying can be hard as a rock and durable. Before it becomes hard the cake can be served directly, but after hard can be processed first with fried using chicken flour and eggs and served warm. This cake can also be made porridge by steaming with added favorite spices.

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