Enjoy the Freshness of One Glass of Cendol

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Photo: sambalahap.id

Indonesia not only has a very tasty typical food, but it also has a typical drink that is very fresh and delicious. There are a lot of delicious drinks in Indonesia coming from several regions, including; Cendol, Beer Pletok, Bajigur, Sekoteng, Es teller, Es oyen, Es doger and many more. Those drinks have a very fresh and delicious flavor. Then, what is the most typical Indonesian drink you like? One of the most preferred by many people is cendol.

Cendol is a typical Sundanese drink formerly made from hunkwe flour, but now cendol made from rice flour, served with shredded ice and brown sugar and coconut milk. Cendol has a tasty taste. In Sunda is called cendol while in Central Java this drink is called Es Dawet.

Currently Cendol is made from rice flour. Rice flour is processed with a green dye and printed through a special filter, making it bulbous. The dye used initially is a natural dye from pandan leaves, but nowadays it has been used artificial food coloring. In Sunda, Cendol is made by sieving steamed rice flour stained with suji leaves with a sieve to obtain a round shape of a tapering round at the end. In Sunda, drinking Cendol is called 'Nyendol'.

This drink is usually served as a dessert or as a distraction. Appropriate presented in the day. There are many traders who sell it, even in the café also provide Cendol as their drink menu. And the price is also quite cheap which is about Rp. 5,000-Rp. 10.000 / glass.

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