The Favorite Snack When We were Elementary School: Kue Cubit

kue cubit

When we were elementary school, there are many kinds of snacks that are sold in our school environment. And of course, all the snacks are very tempting and it makes us want to buy them. Snacks are quite famous when we are elementary school among others; egg rolls, kue cubit, cilok, leker and many others. But one of my favorite school time snacks is kue cubit. How about you? For that, this time Pesona Lokal will discuss about kue cubit and how to make it.

Kue cubit is a very small and very well-known snack in Jakarta. These cakes are usually sold in school environments or in playgrounds. Kue cubit uses milk and wheat flour as the main ingredient in the form of a mold. Why this cake is called kue cubit? Because at the time of manufacture, the mature kue cubit is taken from the mold using chopsticks so that it is pinched.

In the development of the era, kue cubit has been innovating into several variants of flavor and has been sold in several cafes, such as; Chocolate Kue Cubit, Cheese Kue Cubit, Mocca Powder Kue Cubit, Green Tea Kue Cubit, Red Valvet Kue Cubit.

You can also make it at home because the way kue cubit making is very easy. The ingredients for making kue cubit that you need are 3 eggs, 100 grams of sugar, 100 grams of flour, 100 grams melted butter, 1 packet of vanilla extract, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.

How to make it? First, enter the eggs and sugar in a basin, then shake until fluffy using a hand shake or mixer, gradually put the flour into the whisk while stirring constantly. After all three of them enter, pour melted butter and stir well until smooth. After that, add baking powder, baking soda, and vanilla extract. Preferably this dough is left for at least five minutes.

That way, kue cubit dough will expand and contain more when cooked. Then preheat the lacquered molded cubes on the stove with low heat. Pour the dough and cook until the level of maturity to taste. Cook until cooked. Once cooked, take the cake from the mold using the chopsticks. Finally, kue cubit is ready to serve.

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