Yogyakarta Foodies: The Unique Taste Sensation from Gudeg

Have you ever visited to Yogyakarta? Or, do you live there? Then, what is Yogyakarta? Yogyakarta is a province-level Special Region in Indonesia which is a fusion of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta and the State of Paku Alaman.

Yogyakarta Special Region is located in the southern part of Java Island, and is bordered by Central Java Province and Indian Ocean. The city is also dubbed “Kota Pelajar” because there are some of the best campuses that became the choice of students to study there. In addition, Yogyakarta also has typical food that is quite unique and much liked by people. Well, Pesona Lokal will discuss about that food so you will not be curious.

One of the famous foods in Yogyakarta is Gudeg. What is Gudeg? Have you ever eaten it? Gudeg is a typical Yogyakarta food made from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and spices to taste more delicious. Gudeg has unique flavors such as sweet, salty and savory. Usually people enjoy this meal with complementary foods such as Krecek, Egg, Opor and Crackers.

Behind the delicious taste, the way of making Gudeg is also not easy. You will need time to cook it for about 2 hours. The ingredients needed to make Gudeg such as palm sugar, young jackfruit (cut into pieces), boiled eggs, bay leaves, coconut milk, coconut water, galangal, garlic, red down, coriander, salt, pecan, pepper powder. The ingredients of manufacture are quite a lot, but it's still easy to get it.

The way to make Gudeg is first Boil the jackfruit for a few minutes, then place the young jackfruit, galangal, boiled egg and palm sugar into a pan. Add some coconut water that has been mixed with fine spices, stir evenly and pour in the pan. Then Cook all the ingredients for 2 hours with medium heat, after which the coconut milk poured and destroy the cut jackfruit. Next, Cook jackfruit and other ingredients until the coconut milk out and Gudeg reddish brown. Finally, Gudeg is ready to be served with other companion.

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